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What’s in the Stay at Home Survival Bundle?

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The Stay at Home Survival Bundle has a ton of activities, advice, and fun for you and your family. Check it out today to help beat cabin fever!

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I am super excited to tell you about the Stay at Home Survival Bundle! The folks at Ultimate Bundles have also been working on bringing you helpful resources to get survive being stuck at home! This new bundle is only available Tuesday April 7th and Wednesday, April 8th.

The bundle is made up of 21 products worth $493.19, but you can grab it for $19.97 for two days only! It includes four eBooks, 11 workbooks and printables, five eCourses, and a virtual summit.

Image of tablet screens with digital products from the Stay at Home Survival Bundle

What?! All of that for less than $20?!

Stay at Home Survival Bundle Overview

There are 21 resources included.

But are they all appropriate for the mom of toddlers and elementary schoolers?

Surprisingly, yes!

Many of the resources are intended to help parents teach little children at home – things like learning to read and learning about letters and life cycles. Super cute resources aimed at the parents of younger children.

There are some other things in the bundle that focus on productivity, self care, and mental health. But. If I’m being totally honest, none of those are high on my priority list right now.

These days it’s about survival, keeping my kids from driving each other (and me) up the wall, and attempting to continue helping my oldest learn. If anything gets done on top of all that, well, then that’s just a gold star.

But there are several things I’m really excited about in the Stay at Home Survival Bundle.

Top Resources in the Stay at Home Survival Bundle

These are the items that I am most excited about as an exhausted mom of an elementary schooler and toddler:

  • Digital Homeschool Convention: America Homeschools Edition by Holly Chubb gives lifetime access to a virtual summit worth $39. It’s a crash course in homeschooling for those of us being tossed into the deep end of schooling at home without time to prepare.
  • Teaching Reading Through Play: A 36-week Early Reading Course by Lisa Tanner is a workbook that is normally $45.00. This play based approach to reading relies on common household supplies, easy to find books, and popular toys. No expensive items needed! Plus it’s written by a homeschooling mom of nine with a master’s degree in elementary reading and literacy.
  • Back to Basics: The Screen Time Formula by Nicolle Embra is an eCourse worth $67.00. She’s a cyber safety expert who has created this step-by-step course to create your family’s screen time plan. She’s a specialist in parental controls. This is something so many of us parents need – especially since we’re going to be tossing the American Academy of Pediatrics Screen Time Guidelines out the window while on lockdown..

Those are my favorite items in the bundle. If you just used those three, you’d be getting $151 worth of benefit for $19.97.

I’m a bargain shopper. I love a good deal. And this is an AMAZING deal.

But I do want to share some other items that seem super cool and would be fun to have during this time at home.

Image of screens with digital products from the Stay at Home Survival Bundle.

Educational Resources

  • Letters Around the World by Molly Callister is a workbook that normally sells for $15. It’s preschool learning packet that introduces children to 26 new countries around the world, one for every letter of the alphabet! Each country has a page with fun facts, a country map, the country flag and tracing letters. It is designed as a letter tracing curriculum, but more importantly than learning the letters it is designed to foster curiosity and appreciation for different cultures and countries around the world. With as much as we’ve been talking about other countries in our home lately, using this resource with our kids could help teach them about other places in a fun way.
  • How to Draw by Kathy Barbro is a workbook worth $25. She is a former classroom art teacher with more than 15 years of experience. She has come up with art tutorials that help kids be successful in making art. There are 200 tutorials included in this book! The style is perfect for elementary schoolers, and even adults that have trouble drawing more than a stick figure. Plus, if you have bored kids that enjoy art, it could be a lifesaver!
  • Nature Journaling Bundle by Hannah Stevenson an ebook and workbook typically $18.95. This product is meant to be a thoughtful bundle for those who are just starting out with Nature Journaling. BUT – when you’re stuck in the house with kids, this could easily become a cool Nature Walk activity or scavenger hunt. Something different and fun for all those walks we’re all taking now!

For Fun and Relaxation

  • The Activity Gratitude Journal For Kids by Katy Boykin is a workbook regularly priced at $19.99. This 30-day print-at-home journal is designed to make gratitude a daily practice in your home in a fun and creative way. Featuring activities like journal prompts, scavenger hunts, action based activities, and coloring pages, there is something for all kids and could definitely be something to work on together!
  • Family Conversation Cards by Katie McGowen are printable cards regularly $3.00. Spark fun discussions with your family as you go through these 80 conversation starters.
  • Anti-Stress Mandalas Adult Coloring Book by Kim Mills is a printable eBook that’s usually $6.45. It’s a set of relaxing mandalas to color that I think many teens and tweens would really enjoy, and many moms would, too.
  • Spring Seasonal Living by Kathie Lapcevic is a $17 eCourse that is intended to help you live seasonally. Her website, Homespun Seasonal Living, is all about ” inspiring you to live a naturally simple life at home,” This seems like something that might help those of us struggling right now.

I love that this bundle offers a ton of value for a low cost AND can help me keep my kids engaged and learning rather than constantly fighting.

Remember, the bundle is only available for two days! It’s less than $20. Grab yours today!

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