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What did you do today?

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Exactly what I should say to my partner. So relatable.

My husband asks me a straightforward question every day when he gets home from work. I know it’s coming. I should prepare my litany of accomplished tasks and blurt them all out as soon as he walks in the door, but I don’t. Instead, I usually say something like ‘we survived.’

It’s hard, staying home, there are many days that I resent him for being able to walk out the door in the morning and be gone for 10 hours. Sure, I know that someone has to work. Money doesn’t grow on trees. I am blessed to stay home and raise our kids, but the days are long. And they are hard. Before I chose to stay home, I had a job I loved. I worked with people I adored. I gave that up to raise our kids. Well, I guess if I want to get technical, we had to PCS (military move), and the job market in our new town wasn’t great. The jobs available would’ve made things difficult for our family. Staying home made sense. And most days, I love it.

What Did You Do Today?

When he asks me that simple question, what I want to say is:

Our kids were holy terrors. I survived on coffee and faith. I swear the baby did not want to be put down and she nursed at least every hour. I tried to go to the bathroom by myself, but that didn’t happen. Two kids and a dog managed to come with me on every single bathroom trip. The dirty lunch dishes are still out, sorry not sorry. Dinner might be ready before bedtime. Can you hold the baby so I can cook?

I did manage to change eight dirty diapers, scrub the bathrooms, and vacuum the floors.; though you wouldn’t know it because the preschooler has used the TP like streamers and there are already crumbs and dirt all over the floors. I attempted some laundry. It’s in the washer. It’ll probably sit there for a few days until I need something and realize I never tossed it in the dryer. What’s the time limit before I have to rewash it? Is the sniff test ok?

I was able to watch about 40 episodes of My Little Pony, Elena of Avalor, and Doc McStuffins. I could tell you all about those storylines. Elena of Avalor has a huge plot twist coming up. I’m incredibly invested and want to see what Shuriki has up her sleeve. I won’t spoil it for you.

I know you see that pile of stuff on the stairs that I’ve meant to put away. Yeah, that didn’t happen today, not for lack of trying though. Every time I passed that pile, I thought about grabbing something, but screaming baby or something more pressing always came up.

Find out what a stay at home mom really wants to say when her husband comes home and asks "what did you do today?" And, it's not just that she survived the day!


So. That was my day.

I’m exhausted, and I think I want a glass of wine and some sleep. I’ll trade the sleep for a few hours of peace with you though. How was your day?

But I don’t say any of that. I’ll give my husband a one to three-word response and then let him tell me all about his day. I enjoy listening to him. I do. Some days I think about what it would be like to go back to work. But then I’d miss all the little things, like everything I did today.

The way the baby smiled at me when I changed her diaper. Or hearing our preschooler laugh at the dog. There’s joy in those little things.

Maybe tomorrow when he asks me that simple question I’ll focus on all the happy, little moments instead of all the things that went not so perfect. Maybe.

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    4 thoughts on “What did you do today?”

    1. Omg! This is my life as well! I find myself racing around trying to straighten up the mess that just happened before he walked in the door. Too funny!

      1. Yes, so true! Sometimes I feel my most productive hour is the one right before my husband gets home!

    2. While this is only my weekends (husband works on weeks) I love the idea of answering w/the joyful things that happened! Thank you for this!!

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