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How to Use a Kinsa Thermometer

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Your kid will get sick. Your kid will get a fever. There’s no question about it. When that happens, you need a quick, accurate way to take a temperature and also a convenient way to track the fever, symptoms, and medications. You need to use a Kinsa Thermometer. The Kinsa is a smart thermometer that pairs with your cell phone over Bluetooth and auto-records temperatures! No more sticky notes all over the kitchen. The best part? Once you use a kinsa thermometer, you realize how simple managing your child’s illness becomes!

Why You Should Use a Kinsa Thermometer

There are three BIG reasons why you need to use a Kinsa thermometer that sets it apart from other ear thermometers on the market. Let’s jump in:

The App

Kinsa’s app is well-thought out and easy to use.

Along with the ease of use to track symptoms and medications, it also gives you REAL TIME medically accurate guidance based on your child’s temperature and other symptoms. Stop using Google. Start using the Kinsa app.


This is probably my favorite feature. When you’re stumbling around your kid’s room at 2 am with your phone as a flashlight and a thermometer trying to see if your kid still has a high fever, you can stop trying to read the numbers as soon as the thermometer beeps. Because it automatically SYNCS WITH YOUR PHONE! Yes! When you use a Kinsa thermometer, you can stop using little pieces of paper to record temperatures and just leave it to technology to track everything for you.

Easy peasy.


The Kinsa thermometer gets an accurate temperature reading in one second.

Yes. One second.

Your kid can squirm and fight you all they want, but you’re getting that temperature reading.

Best part? The temperatures are extremely accurate. I know, because I’ve compared it to five other expensive thermometers that live in my home. (Yes, I know, five is an excessive number of thermometers).

So when you use a kinsa thermometer, not only does the reading come FAST, but it’s also accurate. When I compared it to our other thermometers, there was one-hundredth of a degree difference between the Kinsa and our $15o fancy ear thermometer.


Which brings me to price. The Kinsa is $40. Not too bad for all of the capabilities that come with this thermometer!! AND I’ve seen it get as low as $25 on Amazon- what a steal!

Get your Kinsa Thermometer HERE!

The Kinsa digital smart thermometer is the best ear thermometer for kids & the app makes tackling fevers a breeze. All about how to use a Kinsa thermometer!

How to Use a Kinsa Thermometer

  1. Open the Kinsa app on your smartphone.
  2. Turn the thermometer on by pressing the big button. You will hear a beep.
  3. For infants under the age of 1, gently tug the ear straight back to straighten the ear canal to ensure an accurate temperature reading. For children over the age of 1 and adults, gently tug the ear straight up and back.
  4. Fit the probe snugly into the ear canal.
  5. Press the big button again. After one second you will hear a beep indicating the reading is complete.

That’s it!

If the Kinsa app is not running while taking a reading, the thermometer will still store the temperature (up to 50 readings max). And then, the next time you run the Kinsa app while the thermometer is on, all readings will transfer! See. Easy Peasy.

How to Use the Kinsa Thermometer App

  1. Download the app from the app store on your device.
  2. Follow the prompts to get your account ready to roll. You can add in the names/ages of your kids and create their ‘profiles’. Then once you take a temperature with your Kinsa thermometer, you’ll just have to assign that temperature to the right kid!

screenshot of kinsa thermometer app


Here are a few screenshots that I took while using the app when my oldest had a stomach bug recently:

screenshot of kinsa thermometer app

screenshot of kinsa thermometer app


screenshot of kinsa thermometer app

I love that the app gives custom guidance based on the age of your child and their symptoms! You might even notice that many of the recommendations in the app are consistent with what I’ve written about in posts like How to Treat a Fever the Simple Way.

screenshot of kinsa thermometer app

I love the Kinsa ear thermometer and you will too! Grab yours on Amazon today!


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The Kinsa digital smart thermometer is the best ear thermometer for kids & the app makes tackling fevers a breeze. All about how to use a Kinsa thermometer!


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