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Simple Summer Safety Tips

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Summertime is full of family fun. Check out these top 5 simple summer safety tips to ensure that your family stays safe and healthy during all summer!

Summer brings a ton of fun, but also a lot of additional stress and worries especially when it comes to our kid’s health and safety! We’re traveling, playing outside longer, swimming, and so much more. Let’s focus on some simple summer safety tips to ensure that your family stays safe and healthy during all the summer fun.

Simple Summer Safety Tips

First Aid

Make a First Aid Kit

You absolutely need to have a first aid kit in your home and in your car- especially when you have young children. It’s easier to make a box of supplies and leave it in one set location so you aren’t randomly tossing bandaids in your diaper bag or running around your house looking for a gauze pad after your child scrapes their knee. Head to the Dollar Store and make a super simple first aid kit for your car, or make a more elaborate first aid kit for your home. Both are great options!

Bee Stings

Here’s my number one summer safety tip: get the stinger out fast. It’s OK to use your fingers or brush it away. Just get it off your kid as fast as you can. The longer the stinger stays in, the worse the reaction.

The old school thought was to scrape stingers away from the skin using a credit card, because pinching the stinger could push extra venom into the kid. This is a huge myth. How fast you get the stinger out is more important than how you get it out. It’s more important to get the stinger out quickly. Check out everything you need to know about bee stings!

How to Use an EpiPen

Speaking of bee stings, you also must know how to use an epi pen. The most common mistake folks make when it comes to using an EpiPen, is failing to use it or not using it sooner. It’s much worse not to use an EpiPen on a child who needs it than to give a dose to a child who doesn’t. Learn all about how and when to administer an EpiPen! 


Wooden playsets are my nemesis in the summer. Gone are the days where you have to wrangle a screaming child while trying to pull out a splinter with a pair of tweezers. There are three amazing ways to get splinters out of kids: baking soda paste, drawing salve, and an oral syringe. These three tricks work GREAT with kids. Figure out exactly how to do each splinter removal trick here! 

Scrapes and Wounds

Kids are constantly falling or bumping into things and getting scratches and scrapes. It’s inevitable. As a parent, it’s irritating to continually give kisses, ice packs, and band-aids to invisible injuries. But sometimes, our kids manage to really hurt themselves and wind up with a massive bloody scrape or cut. The best thing you can do is clean the wound and dress it, but if you want to see exactly what to with a wound do step by step head here.

Summertime is full of family fun. Check out these top 5 simple summer safety tips to ensure that your family stays safe and healthy during all summer!

Heat Illness

Kids are love to spend lots of time outside on the playground and playing sports. Heat illness in children is relatively common BECAUSE our kids are not that great at removing heat. The risks for sustaining a heat illness get even greater if your child is playing sports outdoors. The most common heat illness kids can suffer from is heat exhaustion. Check out exactly what to watch for and how to prevent heat illnesses in your kids!

Crowd Safety

Taking children to a new and unfamiliar place is exhausting- especially when you worry that your kids could get separated from you in an instant. There are 7 tips and tricks for child safety in crowded places, but using a stroller or baby carrier and establishing solid rules are my favorites. Learn exactly how to set rules for your summer outings and more.

At some point though, despite your best efforts, your child will run away from you in a public place. It’s going to happen and you need to know how to handle it. Check out exactly how to react when your kid runs away from you!

Choosing a Sunscreen

Kids need to wear sunscreen or sun-protective clothing anytime they’re out in the sun. At a minimum, sunblock needs reapplied every 2 hours. But if your child is particularly sweaty, or you’ve been swimming, you may want to reapply more often. Just to be safe. Learn more about how to choose a sunscreen and the difference between sunscreen and sunblock!

Water Safety

Kids love to go swimming in the summer! The best summer safety tip I have when it comes to swimming is to stay close to your kids and put your children in swimming lessons as early as possible. Also, understand that secondary and dry drowning aren’t real medical terms. Snag more water safety tips and tons of information about drowning.

Choosing a Life Jacket

Speaking of swimming, your children will need a life jacket. Make sure it’s properly sized and approved by the US Coast Guard. There are tons of different options, but the most important thing is that the lifejacket is approved for your child’s weight and is Coast Guard approved. For more information on life jackets, check out this post and grab the printable from the toolkit!

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Until Next time! ChrissieSummertime is full of family fun. Check out these top 5 simple summer safety tips to ensure that your family stays safe and healthy during all summer!

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