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White woman with curly, brownish-blonde hair smiling at camera

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In many ways, you’re supermom. No one can parent your kids like you. But you have a secret, you don’t have it all together, and sometimes the weight of motherhood is just… too much.

If your child has ever eaten cat litter and you wondered if that required a trip to the ER…then WELCOME! I’m here to help.

Whether you need practical tips to help you handle emergency situations, ideas for making your home a little safer, a first aid refresher, or just some reassurance that you’re doing a fantastic job at this whole motherhood thing, you’re in the right place.

Hi! I’m Chrissie, the healthcare professional and mom behind Joy Through Chaos. I’m just an average mother of two young children trying not to totally lose it on a daily basis.

Kids do stuff every single day that makes you want to rip out your hair and scream- or is that just me? Not too long ago I caught my youngest trying to drink hand sanitizer, so I get it.

White woman with curly, brownish-blonde hair smiling at camera

We’re all moms trying to do our best while surviving the daily highs and lows. I want to remind you of all the beautiful things that come with the chaos of motherhood. And,  I promise to empower you with relevant, actionable and medically credible information you can use to help raise happy, healthy, and safe children.

Want to learn a little more about my family and me?

You can check that out on the about me page!

Since you’re here right now, something tells me there are times you feel completely overwhelmed.

But maybe you…

  • Need a reminder that you’re doing an excellent job at this whole mom thing
  • Aren’t sure how to prepare for disasters
  • Have no idea how to prevent accidents and injuries
  • Struggle with first aid when your child is crying

Motherhood shouldn’t be this hard.

You want to feel confident and knowledgeable.

You’re ready to learn relevant, actionable, and medically credible information.

You know it’s time to stop freaking out.

You need tips to help you overcome the overwhelm.

But you don’t know how to make that a reality. You feel stuck.

Trust me, my friend, I’ve been there. And that’s precisely why I started Sideline AT.

About Joy Through Chaos

I left a healthcare career I loved to be a stay at home mom. I could write an entire book about that decision- know it was a hard decision for our family, and I haven’t regretted the choice I made.  But, that’s where things get complicated because I started to lose myself.

I began to feel defeated, isolated and exhausted. I missed my career as an Athletic Trainer; I missed helping people every day.

About a year after I stopped working, I noticed that I kept getting the same questions from my friends about injuries and illnesses their children were having. My friends were asking ME for help.

After lots of thought, I realized that moms want medically credible, mom to mom advice to help them prevent, prepare and respond to life’s everyday emergencies. Moms need to know that they won’t be judged if their kid licks an electrical socket. They deserve a place that gives practical advice without the fear mongering or ‘fluff’.  

I knew that I had the education and background to help! And Joy Through Chaos was born.

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