Eight Safety Hazards at Home and How to Prevent Injuries

Eight Commonly Overlooked Dangers at Home

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Before kids, I never knew how dangerous a house could be for a child. Safety hazards at home weren’t even a concept I was familiar with until my first child started crawling. Once she was mobile, it became quite clear that our home was becoming a jungle gym and a house of horrors.

You think you’ve babyproofed enough so that your child can’t possibly get hurt. Without fail, your child finds the weaknesses in your system almost instantly, and you’re left wondering if anything is safe.

I get it. Kids are inquisitive little daredevils. Over time, I’ve figured out eight safety hazards at home and developed several safety strategies you can put in place to prevent serious injury.

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Common Safety Hazards at Home

Stovetop and Oven

Y’all. It’s like the Oven Hunger Games in our house. Anytime I’m using the range or oven I’m always worrying about where my kids are and if they’re going to end up seriously injured when I trip over them trying to take the pot of boiling pasta to the sink. Over the years I’ve come up with a few oven child safety strategies to prevent third-degree burns on my kids. Hopefully one or two of them are new ideas. Read more about oven hazards and safety tips!


Did you know that every four hours in the US a child is injured by the use of a pacifier, bottle, or sippy cup? I had NO IDEA it was that common! Then again, when you think about the number of children that use pacifiers, bottles, and cups, it isn’t that shocking. While pacifiers are not dangerous, there are some pacifier safety tips you should practice to reduce your child’s risk of injury. Read more about pacifier hazards and safety tips!


Have you ever been loading (or unloading) the dishwasher and in the blink of an eye your child is climbing it like it’s Mt. Everest? There are so many potential injuries a child could sustain from a dishwasher; it’s daunting. Dishwasher child safety may seem a bit ridiculous, but when you consider all the ways your child can get injured around the dishwasher, it’s a precaution you should consider taking. Read more about dishwasher hazards and safety tips!


Can anyone tell me why they sell infant crib bedding sets? The little baby-sized comforters. The plush bumper pads. Why? The quilts aren’t practical. You can’t even use them with a new baby until they’re much older. So. What’s the purpose of that matching set? I haven’t figured that out yet. What I do know is that these sets are not recommended for infant crib safety. Suffocation is a leading cause of death in babies under one; as many as 900 infants suffocate in soft bedding each year, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Read more about crib hazards and safety tips!

Kids are little daredevils. I've figured out eight safety hazards at home and developed several safety strategies you can use to prevent serious injury.

Used Baby Gear

Remember back when you created your first baby registry? All the baby gear you realized you’d need or want. It’s completely overwhelming both financially and emotionally. That’s why most of us turn to secondhand children’s stores when we’re on the hunt for baby gear. Used gear is often in like new condition and a fraction of the cost because these items don’t get used for long! While the savings are incredible, there are some used baby gear safety concerns we need to keep in mind. Read more about used baby gear hazards and safety tips!


Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death among children ages 1 to 4 years old. In children under one, drowning happens most commonly in the bathtub. Scariest part? It takes only a few inches of water for a young child to drown. This is why bathroom safety for children is critical and requires constant diligence. Read more about bathroom hazards and safety tips!

There’s a home safety cheat sheet in the toolkit grab yours today!

Mom’s Purse

Most moms always carry a purse, backpack, or diaper bag to hold all their essentials. You never know when you’re going to need something; especially when you’re out and about with children. One thing many of us don’t think about is the dangers that could be lurking in our bags. Purse safety for kids isn’t something we typically think about, but it should be. Read more about the hazards in mom’s purse and safety tips!

The Family Dog

It’s fairly common for families to have a pet, and for many families, that pet is a dog. Dogs are incredible companions. Their loyalty and love know no boundaries, and they really do become a member of the family. However, about 100,000 children under age ten are treated in hospital emergency rooms every year for dog-bite-related injuries, according to the CDCP. The majority of injuries happen in familiar places by a dog that belongs to the child’s family or friend. This is why dog safety tips for kids are so valuable. Read more about the hazards with the family dog and safety tips!

I never knew how regular household items could be so dangerous until I had kids! Now I’m more aware of the safety hazards at home and have put in place strategies to prevent injuries. I hope you do the same!

Until Next time! Chrissie

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