Get Ready for Disaster with These Tips!

Get Ready for Disaster

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Hey, Mom! Ready to be more prepared for natural disasters? I want to show you how a few small actions can make a massive difference for your disaster readiness. These posts give you quick wins to get ready for disaster right away.

Let’s go through a strategy, step-by-step, to help you stop struggling & be prepared!

I’ve been there… For years I struggled to get our family ready for impending natural disasters hours before they happened. I went to every store, tried to grab supplies I thought we could use, but I always forgot something. I just ended up frustrated and discouraged.

Finally, finally, finally, I developed a system that made sense for ME as a busy mom on a tight budget.

With these posts, I’ll show you exactly how I did it & help you get ready for disaster.

Get Ready for Disaster

1. Make a Family Emergency Plan

Natural disasters happen quickly and often without much time to prepare. When you have a family emergency plan in place, you can save yourself some time and quit panicking. These are three things you should do NOW to prepare for future natural disasters.

2. Create an Emergency Water Supply

Do you know exactly how much water your family needs on a daily basis? Should you? You need to know precisely how much water your family needs to create an emergency water supply that will sustain you during a potential disaster. 

Ready to be more prepared for natural disasters? The small actions to take for quick wins to get ready for disaster right away.

3. Figure out a Family Evacuation Plan

One of the simplest things you can do now to help avoid panic during an emergency is to choose family evacuation meeting spots. Where will you all go if something happens? This will ensure that you find each other as quickly as possible- and don’t end up at the Chick-fila play area for 3.5hours on a Friday evening.

4. Start a Family Emergency Binder

Do you have one place where you keep all of your essential records/documents? If you ever had to make a dash to the emergency room or tell a neighbor where to grab all of your vital documents, would you have everything you need in one place? No? Let’s get started creating your Family Emergency Binder!

Those are the four simple steps that I worked through to get ready for disaster and start felling prepared instead of panicked! Trust me, if I can do this, anyone can! Getting prepared for a disaster doesn’t have to be extremely expensive and take a ton of time. You can do it.

Until Next time! Chrissie

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