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Simple Read Aloud Tips for Busy Moms

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We all know that we should read aloud to our kids, but when it comes down to finding the time to pack reading into our busy schedules, it’s hard. I get it. On top of that, how do you even get your kids to sit still and enjoy a book with you? Well, my friend, I have some read aloud tips that just might help you navigate all of that.

But before we get to the simple read aloud tips, we have to understand why reading aloud to our kids is so incredibly important.

Let’s jump in.

Reading Aloud Matters

Children should hear 1,000 stories before they enter elementary school.

Yes, that’s right. Kids need to hear one thousand stories before kindergarten.

One thousand seems daunting right? How about this instead. If you read your children just three stories a day, they’ll hear one thousand stories a year! If you keep that up, your kids could hear over 5,000 stories before starting kindergarten!

You can do that.

I know what you’re thinking. ‘I know I can do that. But why should I do that?’

Good question.

Why You Should Read Aloud Daily

These are my top 5 reasons to read aloud every day. Maybe one or two will resonate with you too.

  1. Reading aloud strengthens a child’s imagination.
  2. Reading aloud aids in language development.
  3. Reading aloud extends a child’s attention span.
  4. Reading aloud builds a child’s comprehension and cognitive development.
  5. And finally, reading aloud is a great way to bond with your children.

Cool, right? Just reading to your kids can do all of those things (and more!).

You’re cussing me in your head right now, aren’t you? I know you are. You’re thinking ‘how the heck am I going to read THREE stories a day and 1) enjoy it and 2) ensure my kids enjoy it too?!’

Don’t worry, friend. I have some read aloud tips for that too.

In the toolkit, there’s a printable called Raise a Reader it’s got tips, tricks, and a space to write notes!

Learn the tips and tricks you need to enjoy reading with your kids. The best simple read aloud tips to enjoy time spent reading to your children.

Simple Read Aloud Tips

  1. Be consistent! Create a reading routine to read aloud every single day- even if it’s only for 5-10 minutes. Reading aloud matters.
  2. Choose a book that’s at the appropriate reading level and will capture your child’s attention.
  3. Start by reading the title, author, and illustrator on the front cover.
  4. Guess what the book is about together just by looking at the front cover.
  5. Read with expression; break out all of your funny voices and silly faces.
  6. Stop when you’re reading to ask questions to encourage comprehension. Even if your child can’t speak yet, ask questions and answer them yourself.
  7. Occasionally read a book above your child’s reading level; kids can understand much more than we think.
  8. SHOW your kids how excited you are when you’re about to read a new book. I often say, “I can’t wait to read the book I found to you, I’m so excited.” Enthusiasm is contagious.
  9. Let your kids play or do an activity (like coloring or legos) while you read aloud. Children are capable of listening even if they don’t sit still while you’re reading aloud.
  10. Finally, foster a love of reading by connecting the book you just read to your child’s life. It can be as silly as ‘Have you ever seen an ant wear underpants?!’ Especially if you read Underpants for Ants or I Say OOH, You Say AHH.

Excited to give reading aloud a try? What book will you read with your kids first?!


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