How to do Positive Affirmations: Printable Affirmation Cards for Moms

Positive Affirmations for Moms

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About two years ago I started down a long road toward self-love. I’m still not there yet, but I’m in a much better place than I was years ago. Using positive affirmations changed everything for me. I’m a big fan of affirmation quotes. And not just any affirmations, specifically positive affirmations for moms. I want to help you understand how these statements work and why you should give them a try.

So what exactly is a positive affirmation?

This definition is my favorite:

  • affirmation: the assertion that something exists or is true

When we come up with a positive affirmation, we are stating what we want in life as though it already exists. Huh? What does that even mean? We’re telling ourselves what we want and what we believe.

Our past experiences help shape and define us, whether good or bad, they make us who we are. We have certain beliefs and a framework of how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. When we try to shift that perception by setting big goals or implementing new habits, our brain slams on the brakes.

Ever wonder why you fail when you try to start a new exercise habit? It’s not because you don’t have the willpower. It’s because the brain likes to revert to what it knows and what it’s comfortable with. Self- sabotage is the brain’s way of saying ‘This is new. I don’t like new. Let’s do the old thing.’

This is where using daily positive affirmations is a great strategy. Affirmation quotes serve as a way to help re-program how we think about ourselves and the world around us. They’re short, simple statements that serve to reset how you feel about yourself and your goals. Don’t worry; if you have no idea where to start with positive affirmations for moms, I’ve created some affirmation cards. You can get them in the toolkit.

Let me give you an example:

If the negative self-talk loop in my head tells me ‘you’re a terrible mother’ every time something not so great happens, like what happened on Mother’s Day, I immediately enter this downward spiral. My negative self-talk manifests itself into me believing that I’m a terrible mother and if I were a better one, my kid would have said better things about me. When you read it, it seems ridiculous, right?

But at that moment, it’s valid. These terrible, awful things we think about ourselves dictate what we believe. What seemed real in the past often isn’t serving us in the present. Implementing positive affirmations for moms is a way to reset how your brain thinks and can shift what you believe to be true about yourself.

We Need Positive Affirmations

That is why we need positive affirmations. We have to affirm- out loud- what we want to become. The things we know are valid, but we need help believing.

Learning how to do positive affirmations for moms is important. Get everything you need to get started here! And, there's free printable affirmation cards!


4 Steps for Positive Affirmations that work

  1. State your affirmation in the present tense. Saying ‘I am’ versus ‘I will’ will help your brain believe the statements.
  2. Visualize what your life will look like when you embrace the affirmation. Picture yourself having achieved what you are affirming. What do you feel like? Don’t say it, feel it. Your brain will hit the brakes when you do this. It’s normal for negative self-talk to come up and tell you why this isn’t realistic. Don’t give up, keep going!
  3. Find a support system. Surround yourself with people that know how amazing and incredible you are and will help you battle the negative self-talk loop. You’re more than welcome to reach out to me too if that could help you. In fact, my email subscribers get a series of phone wallpapers with positive affirmations for moms for becoming a subscriber!
  4. Start small. I found that by starting with little affirmations, I was able to see a change quicker.

Not sure what a little affirmation is? Don’t worry! I have a set of printable affirmation cards ready for you in the toolkit. You can get the toolkit password at the bottom of this post.

Seems simple enough, right? That’s the beauty of positive affirmations! They’re such a small way to make a significant impact on your life. By doing daily affirmations, usually in the evening right before I go to bed, I’ve made an enormous change in how I think about myself and the world around me. I want that for you too.

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    1. Hey I just stumbled across your blog from EBA and it is SOOOOO good! Like, from a blogging standpoint and a reader standpoint. I have 4 kids under 10 and the struggle with overwhelm is very real over here. If I don;t wake up before the kids, make myself a white mocha and give myself some positive affirmations before they wake up, my day is toast before it begins! lol

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