Asking Pediatrician Interview Questions Will Help You Find A Great Doctor

You Need to Interview Pediatricians

a man's arms folded in front. Man is wearing a white lab coat and holding a red stethoscope. Picking a pediatrician for your children is no small feat. It can involve countless hours googling and asking friends with kids, but what if you just chatted directly with the contenders? Wouldn’t that save some time? Knowing how to ask pediatrician interview questions (and conduct the interview) is simple! You should ask your new pediatrician questions before making your selection. After all, they’re going to be caring for your kids!

I know what you’re thinking. You’re wondering if it’s weird to ask a potential pediatrician interview questions. And, no! It’s not weird at all. It’s constructive for both you and the physician. It is perfectly reasonable to question a potential doctor, and they are usually very open to it. It’s important for both of you to be on the same page when it comes to the health of your children, so most physicians are very open to the interview process. So. How do you get started?

Basic Information to Get First

Before you march into the pediatrician’s office and ask your pediatrician interview questions, here’s some background work you might want to do first.

Call Your Insurance

It’s easier to call your insurance and get a list of pediatricians within the radius you’re willing to travel than it is to call every single doctor’s office in your area and ask if they take your insurance.


You’re not going to spend a ton of time googling, but it is essential to know a few things. You want to check your state’s medical board to see if the doctor has had any disciplinary actions taken against them. It might also be helpful to know if the pediatrician is a member of the American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) and also if the AAP certifies them. The certification shows merely the doctor passed a specialized exam in pediatrics.

Ask Your Friends

Now that you have your list from the insurance and you’ve checked everyone in google, you can ask your friends!

  • What pediatricians have they used?
  • What do they like or dislike about them?
  • Would they recommend them to you?

Asking these questions should help you narrow down your list even more. And once you’ve narrowed down your list, you’re ready to start preparing your list of questions for a new pediatrician! I would suggest having a list of 3 potential doctors to interview with an additional three backups. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to the point of having to do six meetings, but it’s better to be prepared.

Preparing to Interview the Pediatrician

Call the Office

Take your top three contenders and call their offices. When you’re chatting with the receptionist, you’re looking for three things:

  1. Is the pediatrician accepting new patients?
  2. Does the physician charge a consult fee? Some doctors charge for their time. Others may charge after a certain time frame. It’s important to know this information up front so you aren’t surprised by a short meeting or a fee.
  3. When can you meet?

Chatting on the phone can be hard. So, here’s a quick script you can use when you make the call!

“Hi! My name is _______ and I’m (the mother of x number of children OR due with my first child on x day). I’d like to meet with Dr._______ to see if they’re a good fit for our family. Are they accepting new patients right now and do you know if there’s a consult fee to chat? (wait for answers) Great! When can we schedule a meeting?”

Once you have a few meetings set up, go ahead and start planning what you want to ask!

Pediatrician Interview Questions

Here are some examples of questions you may want to ask:

  • How long have you been in practice?
  • Do you have any sub-specialties?
  • What is your childcare philosophy?
  • Are you part of a group practice?
  • What are your hours? Do you offer evenings or weekends?

I made a pediatrician interview form just for you! It has the 20 questions I always ask pediatricians and room to take notes. Grab your copy from the toolkit! Asking pediatrician interview questions is simple! You should ask your new pediatrician questions. After all, they're going to be caring for your kids!

On Interview Day

Start evaluating the pediatrician as soon as you walk in. Remember, they’re applying to be YOUR healthcare provider.

Evaluate the Office

  • Is the waiting area clean, and does it have clean toys and books?
  • Is the staff friendly and helpful? Do they seem to operate efficiently?
  • Do other patients seem to be waiting for a long time?


These are the questions you should consider shortly after leaving the office. Maybe make some notes on your paper, or on the pediatrician interview, you downloaded from the toolkit.

  • How soon could the interview be scheduled? How long were you in the waiting room?
  • Was the interview rushed? Did the doctor seem open to questions?
  • Did the communication feel natural? Was the doctor easy to understand?


Once you’ve interviewed all of the pediatricians on your list, reflect on the interviews.

  • Was there one doctor you seemed drawn to?
  • Was there one that you didn’t care for?

Listening to your gut is one of the easiest ways to make this decision. All of the pediatrician interview questions you ask give your gut the time it needs to make the right call for your family.

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  1. I liked how you talked about calling the office after choosing your top three contenders. I think that this will really help you to understand who has the availability to take care of your kids. It’s something that I will keep in mind for when we move next year.

  2. You’ve got great tips for finding a pediatrician. I love how you said that it’s good to get some background information from them first. We’ll be sure to do that because we want to find a doctor for our newborn son in our new town.

  3. I like what you said about evaluating the office when looking at potential pediatricians. My brother just started having kids. He and his partner will have to find a pediatrician that will work with them to keep the children healthy.

  4. My sister just moved to a new neighborhood, and she needs help finding the right pediatricians. It says here to ask a friend questions to narrow down a list. This is something she could benefit from since she has a few friends living in her area.

  5. Thanks for explaining that we should start the phone call by asking if the pediatrician is accepting new patients. My husband and I are expecting a baby, and I want to make sure we find a good pediatrician before the baby comes so we can have a medical professional to rely on right away. I’m glad I read your article because following the steps you suggested should simplify the process of finding a quality pediatrician we can use.

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