Best Oven Child Safety Tips: Dangers at Home

Stovetop and Oven Safety Tips

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If I could live in a world where a chef was in charge of making all of my meals (and doing all the dishes), I would be the most content person on the planet. But seeing as that’s not a realistic option for the next few years, I guess I’ll have to continue using our oven. It’s not even that I don’t like cooking. I’m not a fan of cooking with tiny humans attached to my hip or under my feet. There’s nothing fun about it, and that’s not even considering oven safety. Oven child safety is one of the most overlooked baby proofing tasks but is, unfortunately, one with the most significant potential for child injury.

My child is fascinated with our oven. She likes to bang on the oven door. Tries to touch the knobs. You should see how fast she scoots across the kitchen when she spots you opening the oven door. She’s even successfully kicked a pot when I’ve needed to stir something while holding her.

Let’s not even start with the big kid. She’s tall enough now that she tries to pick up the pots and regularly adjusts the knobs (not great if you’re trying to make well, anything). My girl also attempts to open the oven to help me take out what’s inside.

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Y’all. It’s like the Oven Hunger Games in our house. Anytime I’m using the range or oven I’m always worrying about where my kids are and if they’re going to end up seriously injured when I trip over them trying to take the pot of boiling pasta to the sink.

Over the years I’ve come up with a few oven child safety strategies to prevent third-degree burns on my kids. Hopefully one or two of them are new ideas!

Oven child safety is one of the most overlooked baby proofing tasks. I'm sharing my best stovetop and oven safety tips to keep your kids safe.

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Oven child safety strategies

There’s a home safety cheat sheet in the toolkit! Get yours today!

Pot/Pan Handles

Keep all pan handles pointed away from the front of the oven. Want to know why I started doing this? Well. It started when my first child was just tall enough to reach the handle of a skillet on her tippy toes. Y’all if I hadn’t sprinted across the kitchen in 0.2 seconds, she would’ve had hamburger all over her and would’ve been disastrous. From then on, I started pointing all pan handles toward the side of the oven unless I was standing with my hand on the handle.

Rear Burners

I almost exclusively cook on the back two burners of my range. Why? See story above. And, well, there was one time I was wearing my oldest in a baby carrier, and she managed to kick the pot. Thankfully she didn’t burn her little toes, but that was enough for me to learn my lesson and keep all pots and pans out of reach of little hands and tiny toes.

Knob Covers

Remember how I mentioned that my oldest likes to adjust the knobs while I’m cooking? To her, she’s ‘helping.’ To me, she’s probably burning whatever I’m trying to cook. It’s also scary because she knows to turn the dials. Our range requires a push in, then twist to start the burner successfully, but it still scares the poop out of me knowing that she could have the ability to do that. Enter Range Knob Covers. They aren’t very expensive and are definitely worth the piece of mind.

Limited towels

When I was growing up, my mom always kept hand towels in on the oven handle. So I did the same thing. Then one day, a boisterous little child came along and used the towels as leverage to pull the oven door open. Toddler strength is a real thing. I was both horrified and impressed that she had the power to open our oven. From then on, we decided it wasn’t the best idea to store towels on the oven handles.


We also added an oven lock because our oven doesn’t have one. I think they used to be common on older appliances, but not so much anymore. You can contact your oven manufacturer to see if they have one that can be added to your oven. If not, there are lots of universal options on Amazon.


And that’s it! Five oven child safety strategies to keep your kids safe while you’re cooking (and even when you aren’t!). Do you implement any of these strategies at your house? Let me know in the comments!

Until Next Time! Chrissie

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