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40+ Simple Halloween Snacks for Kids

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Need some delicious Halloween snacks for kids? Look no further! From sweet to savory, and everything in between, you’ll find a snack everyone will love!

collage of halloween snacks for kids

Halloween is right around the corner which means TONS of candy just lying around the house. As a self-proclaimed sugar addict (I’m working on it), candy is one of my weaknesses.

When we started doing non-candy treats for trick or treating, it meant LESS candy lying around the house. Good move for my waistline, but not so much for my sweet tooth.

Now, one of our favorite ways to celebrate is by making lots of salty and sweet halloween snacks! I have to admit, sometimes I like making these treats MORE than just eating candy mindlessly.

The Best Halloween Snacks for Kids

Favorite Salty Halloween Snacks

We love salty snacks. Typically around Halloween you see mostly sweet snacks, but salty foods have their place too.

Check out these delicious and simple salty Halloween snacks!

Delicious Sweet Halloween Treats

I've got a big sweet tooth. So anytime we can make sweet treats, I'm all about it.

Some of these ideas are really simple and look so yummy- perfect Halloween snacks for kids!

Top Savory Halloween Foods

Just like salty snacks, savory foods have their place at any Halloween party! Kid-friendly and Mom approved, you'll love these savory eats at your next shindig.

I'm pretty sure we'll be adding the Meatball Mummies to our party menu.

image of 4 halloween snacks for kids

Food Allergy Friendly Halloween Snacks

When my youngest was diagnosed with a dairy allergy, the whole food situation became very percarious for our family.

I never wanted my youngest child to feel excluded because of what she couldn't eat. So we started to make (and buy) lots of allergy friendly foods.

Halloween is strongly associated with lots of delicious foods. Here are some options to make your treats accessible to everyone.

Fun, Healthy Halloween Snack Options

Halloween doesn't have to be strictly candy or unhealthy foods.

Some of these healthy options are an easy way to get nutrient packed foods into your Halloween festivities!

Try a few of these healthy Halloween snacks for kids and let me know which one is your favorite!

Don’t all of these spooky, fun Halloween treats just make you want to throw a party and make every single one?! Just me?

Leave a comment and let me know which of these awesome Halloween snacks for kids you’re going to try this year!

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