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Make a Family Evacuation Plan

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Not too long ago there was a BIG storm that came through our neighborhood, and it caused a tree to fall. My girls and I were on our way home, and that tree completely blocked our street, I had no way to get to our house. I tried calling my husband, who was on his way home from work. His phone was dead, and we had no family evacuation plan. Of course. Murphy’s law, right?

So there we were. Stranded in my minivan and no way to get in touch with my husband to figure out where we should meet.

Long story short, I took the kids to Chick-fila for a few hours and hoped that the tree would be moved before bedtime. The biggest takeaway from experience was that our family needed to have set locations for where we could meet if something like this happened again.

One of the simplest things you can do now to help avoid panic during an emergency is to create a family evacuation plan. I'll show you how!

Create Your Family Evacuation Plan

One of the simplest things you can do now to help avoid panic during an emergency is to choose family evacuation meeting spots. Where will you all go if something happens? This will ensure that you find each other as quickly as possible- and don’t end up at the Chick-fila play area for 3.5hours on a Friday evening.

Consider the following meeting spots:

  • Inside your home. For those at risk for tornadoes or hurricanes and do not have time to evacuate the area, stay inside and get to a small, interior windowless room or storm shelter. Picking the room beforehand is essential, so all family members are together.
  • Right outside your home. All those at home during the time of the disaster (such as a house fire) will meet here as soon as they get out of the home.
  • Outside your neighborhood. If your home/neighborhood is unsafe following a disaster, all family members should know to go here.
  • Outside your town/city. This is where your family will meet if you are not home when a disaster happens, and you can’t get into your neighborhood.

In the toolkit, you’ll find a worksheet to help you plan out your entire family evacuation plan!

BONUS: Let extended family members know where your evacuation spots are. In an emergency, this information can help your family find you.

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