Emergency Contact Cards: What they Are and Why Your Kid Needs One

Emergency Contact Cards: Make Yours Today!

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When school starts, you spend a ridiculous amount of time completing the emergency paperwork, right? There’s one for the nurse, one for athletics, one for the teacher… it seems neverending. And if your child gets seriously injured or sick at school, you trust them to have all the vital pieces of information needed to help your child. But. What if your child gets hurt or sick when they aren’t in school? What happens if they’re with a friend? That’s why emergency contact cards are essential for every member of your family, but most definitely your kids.

I make an emergency contact card, laminate it and put one in my oldest’s backpack. I also keep one for every member of my family in my diaper bag. You want one in every individual bag/purse/diaper bag that goes with folks in your family on a daily basis. The cards are simple, but they contain all the information someone would need if they stumble upon you or one of your children unconscious.

In the toolkit, you’ll find everything you need to make your emergency contact cards!

Sounds drastic, I know. Planning for someone to find you or your child unconscious? If someone were to find my child unconscious, I’d want them to understand pieces of vital information about my kid and also how to contact me WITHOUT giving away any personally identifiable information that could be used by Petey Pedophile to abduct my child.

What you need on your Emergency Contact Cards

Emergency Contacts

  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Other emergency contacts

Medical Information

  • Medical Conditions
  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • Other relevant information

These cards are vital to keep current. A card like this placed in a backpack, diaper bag, or purse is easy for a first responder to find and contains useful information they’ll need to start helping you or your child.

If your child gets hurt or sick when you aren't around, you want them to have emergency contact cards. I'll share what they are and the information needed!

What you’ll need to create your Emergency Contact Cards

Your cards can be as unique as you are. You can use fun colors or keep it simple. Your choice!

  • Notecard
  • Page Protector Pouch
  • Laminator or Laminator Pouch

Don’t want to make one from scratch? I have a sheet of 4 cards ready to print in the toolkit! All you have to do is print and fill them out. Get access to the toolkit at the bottom of this post.

In the toolkit, you’ll find everything you need to make your emergency contact cards!

But what if someone sees my emergency card?

Putting you and your children’s private health information on a notecard seems awkward. What if the card falls out of your purse? Or what if a casual acquaintance finds it and sees that you have postpartum depression. I get it. Those are concerns of mine too. But, I feel that the benefit of having a card like this on your person outweighs the risks.

Educate Your Kids

If your children are school age, tossing one of these cards in their backpack is an excellent idea! Before you put it in the front pocket, show your child what it is. Teach them what the information is, when they might need it, why they need to have this card in their backpack, and how to use the information.

An emergency contact card is something that will provide a first responder quick access to information they need fast in an emergency. Get started on yours today!

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  1. Hi,
    In critical situation, having a Emergancy medical card with you which carriers information about your health condition could help the doctor treat you accordingly.

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