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Create a Family Emergency Binder

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Do you have one place where you keep all of your essential records/documents? If you ever had to make a dash to the emergency room or tell a neighbor where to grab all of your vital documents, would you have everything you need in one place? No? Let’s get started creating your Family Emergency Binder!

In the toolkit, you’ll find a FREE emergency binder blueprint! Get yours today!

What is a Family Emergency Binder

You’re probably familiar with Home Management Binders. You know those massive binders that include everything about running your home- meal plans, chore lists, kid’s schedules, and everything else under the sun.

A Family Emergency Binder is meant to manage your family in an emergency. Some of the beefier binders include checklists for emergency kits and food information, but a basic Family Emergency Binder should be small and meant to grab and GO.

Why you need a Family Emergency Binder

If there’s a quick evacuation for a natural disaster or a family emergency,  you want to have something that is easy to grab that has all of your vital information, documents, and notes for your family.

A suitable family emergency binder does three things:

  • Proves who you are when returning to your home after a disaster
  • Replaces important documents in the event your home is destroyed
  • Gets you benefits and help faster after a disaster

Your emergency binder doesn’t have to be a massive, 4in binder that contains your life’s history. Our emergency binder is a 1″ binder with all that we would need if we had to leave in an emergency.

Create a Family Emergency Binder or a Grab and Go binder to help your family plan for emergencies. Learn the essential emergency binder components.

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What do you put in a Family Emergency Binder?

  • Emergency Contacts/Numbers
  • Financial Information
  • Copies of Vital Documents
  • Medical Information
  • Legal Documents
  • Insurance Information

In the toolkit, you’ll find a FREE emergency binder blueprint! Get yours today!

If this seems daunting, check out our Family Emergency Command Center! It only takes a few minutes to set up!


What you’ll need to create an Emergency Binder

Your binder can be as unique as you are. You can decorate it up, keep it simple, or use something other than a binder! Here are some necessary supplies you might need for your emergency binder.

  • Binder
  • Index Sheets and Dividers
  • Page Protectors
  • Waterproof Pouch – keeping your binder protected is a good idea. You can use a waterproof pouch or 2-gallon ziplock bag to store your binder.
  • Firebox – for some families a waterproof pouch isn’t enough, so they put all their documents into a firebox for added protection. Just make sure it’s not so big that it isn’t easy to grab and go!
  • Laminator –Laminators can help protect documents from harm such as dirt and water. I would only do this to copies, not originals because altering them may make them invalid, but you can certainly use one for other documents you want to keep safe.

Keep your Family Emergency Binder private

Putting all of your personal information in a binder is scary. It’s all in one, and there are some risks with doing that, so it’s imperative to keep your binder in a safe and secure location.

It’s common for folks to consider keeping their documents in a bank safe deposit box, but that defeats the purpose of making a binder that’s easily accessible in an emergency! So you’ll have to determine how best to handle the binder for your family. We’ve chosen to keep our binder in a locked gun safe.


I hope you’ll start creating your family emergency binder today! Knowing all of our vital documents are organized into a binder helps me to feel more prepared to handle emergency situations.

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