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Keep Your Kids Safe this Christmas

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Christmastime is the most magical time of the year. At least in our house. All of the decorations, presents, and visiting with friends and family make it a wonderful time of the year. But, that also makes it a perilous time of year for children. With all of the extra hustle and bustle of the holiday season, comes additional safety hazards and injury risks. Learning to recognize those dangers with Christmas safety tips for kids will help keep your kids happy and healthy this Holiday season.

Children get caught up in the holiday excitement may be prone to accidents that can be prevented. Kids need supervised every day, but once the Holiday season hits, you might have to up your game. There are special hazards that may be around during the holidays that you have to keep in mind. Following these Christmas safety tips for kids can help prevent injuries and allow you to enjoy making holiday memories with your children!

Christmas Safety Tips for Kids

At Home

1. Use fake plants

Yes. I know real plants are fantastic, but, kids also eat plants because they’re silly little creatures that put everything in their mouths. Mistletoe, holly, poinsettias, Jerusalem cherry plants, and other plants are commonly used as decorations during the holidays and are considered potentially poisonous. So, your festive holiday plants could end up causing rashes, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. No one wants that.

If you suspect that your child has eaten any part of a plant, call Poison Control (800) 222-1222.

2. Remember how to handle choking

Kids put everything in their mouths (see point one about them being silly little creatures), and during the holidays the decorations and gifts can pose as new choking hazards. Last year my oldest gave her sister a plush snowman to play with. A minute later I found a small button in her mouth- she was four months old at the time. Things that we can’t even fathom can become choking hazards, so be mindful of your decor and keep an eye on your children. It’s a good idea to remember how to save a choking child, just in case you need to help your kid.

3. Practice Kitchen Safety

We all know that one of the best things about the Holidays is the food. Right? But all the cooking increases the risk of burns, scalds, and other wounds in our kids. When it comes to Christmas safety tips for kids, please turn pot handles away from the front of the stove and always keep the oven door closed when kids are around. There are many other ways to practice kitchen safety, especially during the holidays, and we should be mindful of the dangers in our kitchen.

Learning to recognize those dangers with these Christmas safety tips for kids will help keep your kids happy and healthy this Holiday season.

Out and About

No one enjoys shopping with young children, but around the holidays that task becomes even more unbearable. The stores are busy; people are less tolerant, and- without fail- our kids know precisely the right moment to have a meltdown in the store. Lovely. Since the stores are often busier and we’re a little more distracted, our kids become more vulnerable. What’s that even mean?

Well. It means our kids are more likely to get hurt while we’re out shopping.

These are three Christmas safety tips for kids to use while shopping:

1. Use the special carts

You know the ones I’m talking about. Those big, boat-like carts that look like fire trucks or little cars that are attached to the buggy. These monstrosities are a pain to push around the store but are safer for younger kids. The special carts tend to keep kids occupied for a little longer than a regular shopping cart. WIN! And, these carts sit lower to the ground. So, if a child were to fall out of one, the potential for injury is much less than if a child falls out of the basket or seat of a regular shopping cart.

2. Have a plan

Your child will run from you at some point this Holiday season. It’s unavoidable. Kids think that running is a fun game, so you need to have a plan.

Even if it’s a quick sprint to the end of the aisle, when our kids run in the store, it’s frustrating and also scary. Since stores are busier during the holidays, that quick sprint could mean you get separated by a crowd of people, and that is scary for both you and your child. When you plan for this scenario, it becomes less daunting. You need to know what to to do when your child runs from you.

3. Let them help

Ok, I know this one seems like it’s the absolute worst idea EVER, but stick with me. If we give our kids a task while we’re shopping, they’re going to feel involved and needed. Those two things will focus them on a task, which means, they likely won’t be driving you to the brink of sanity at the grocery store. Simple things like ‘I need you to help me find something orange’ or ‘can you help me put everything in the cart today?’ can be enough to help them focus and be engaged in what you need to accomplish. And when that happens, they’re less likely to run off or lay down in the middle of the produce section singing ‘Let It Go.’ That last one has never, ever happened to me. Ever.

When Traveling

Car accidents and injuries to children increase during the holiday season, so, naturally, car safety becomes one of the Christmas safety tips for kids. We’re driving more and so is everyone else- shopping, last minute trips to grab an extra bottle of wine, family gatherings, you name it- and we have to drive. Prevent a holiday ER visit by making sure that kids are buckled up securely during car rides and don’t drive after drinking alcohol. Also, be more cautious when driving at night on holidays such as Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. There’s a higher incidence of impaired driving on those days, and that could lead to a car accident.

I hope you use these Christmas safety tips for kids to help your family have a safe, and happy, holiday season!

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