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27 Best Facebook Groups for Special Needs Families

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Check out 27 of the best special needs Facebook groups! Groups are a great way to find support from families like yours. Find your people now!

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When you first start noticing that your child is different from others, it is imperative to find support.

Do you hear me? You need support from other parents who are walking or have walked down a similar path.

It’s vital.

Otherwise, you live in a very lonely, isolating place and it is not fun. Trust me, I’ve been there.

When I first turned Facebook groups for special needs families, I wasn’t sure what I was going to find. Heck, I really wasn’t even sure my child had special needs.

But I knew our struggles were very different from the parenting struggles my friends were having, and I knew I needed help.

Or at least reassurance that I wasn’t a terrible parent.

Perks of Finding Parent to Parent Support Groups on Facebook


Most of the people you’ll find are some of the most compassionate, understanding, non-judgmental folks you’ll meet- because they’ve been there.


Few people can give you actionable steps to take or where to find help like special needs families. They know the system and how to play the game.


You’ll start to see your online friends (yes, they’re friends) share victories or small wins, and that will give you hope.

Hope that one day your family will have it’s own small wins- and you will.


Caution isn’t really a perk of joining special needs Facebook groups, but it’s necessary to talk about.

Not everyone will be nice. Some people are just assholes. Try not to let that get to you.

Other people will give terrible, awful advice. Your mom gut will tell you who to trust and who to ignore completely.

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Facebook Group Etiquette

Before we jump into the massive list of Facebook groups, we need to discuss etiquette.

  • When you first join a group, sit back and listen for a bit. Get a feel for the group and how people interact. Almost as if you were attending a new play group.
  • Read the rules or pinned post. PLEASE do this. Every group on Facebook is different. They all have different rules and rationales for those rules and we need to respect them.
  • Use the search feature to see if someone has asked a question before you ask it. Often, folks have a lot of the same questions. So you’ll get lots of good information digging through the group archives via the search feature.
  • Sometimes your post may get deleted. It’s nothing against you, I promise. If that happens, instead of posting the same thing again or making a ‘why did my post get deleted’ comment, message one of the admins. Be open and receptive to them during your message. Keep in mind that most of them are moderating the group for free.

Special Needs Groups on Facebook

Here we go! An epic list with TONS of valuable Facebook parent support groups for kids with special needs and disabilities

Why are these the best? Well. They’re groups I have either actively participated in OR were recommended by others in the community of special needs parents.

Special Needs Military Families

We’re a military family. Being a military family with a child with special needs is uniquely challenging. These groups have been lifesavers with tips and resources specific to military families with special needs children.

General Support Groups

Autism Support Groups

There are TONS of Autism support groups on Facebook. But I can only endorse two. I believe strongly that parents of autistic children should listen to autistic adults. Both of these groups center around autism acceptance and understanding neurodivergence.

Sensory Processing Disorder Groups

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Developmental Delay Groups

Apraxia of Speech Groups

Other Awesome Facebook Groups

I hope that these special needs parenting, autism, and disability Facebook groups help you find answers to the questions you have and give you the support you need.

What are some of YOUR favorite special needs Facebook groups? I’d love to find more to add to the list!

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