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Best Resources for New Moms

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From websites to books, and even community groups, all the best resources for new moms are right here! Check out these veteran mom approved resources now.

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Becoming a new parent is an exciting yet exhausting transition. As soon as your bump starts to show, everyone you know will start offering you unsolicited advice on things from carseats to discipline.

People have the best intentions, they really do. But. Can you trust that the information they’re giving is accurate? Or the current best practice?

I mean. Parenting has changed a LOT over the last 5, 10, 15 years. Things that were once common are now no longer considered safe.

That’s why it’s best to have some solid, quality resources in your corner that you can use to make your own decisions when it comes to your new little one.

Best Resources for New Moms

Best Parenting Websites

In the digital age, there is TONS of information available online that makes getting your questions answered quickly. It’s important to know which sites to trust and which to ignore.

Here are a few of my favorite websites for new moms (and parents in general)!

Head on over to to get every single one of your breastfeeding questions answered.

I’m serious. If you think it, KellyMom likely has the answer.

I love that KellyMom is committed to providing evidence based information and that the writer is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). She knows her stuff!


Everything you need to know about safely traveling with your child can be found on

When it’s time to upgrade a carseat, I’m definitely heading to TheCarSeatLady first to see their reviews on some of the newer carseats before making any decisions.

Every time we start looking at new vehicles, I’ll look up the vehicle on this site to see where all of the LATCH/tether spots are in the car.

We recently traded in my 2006 Toyota Sienna (yeah, it was time) for a 2016 Toyota Highlander. You better believe I was doing all sorts of research on the vehicle, and my first stop was TheCarSeatLady’s blog post all about the Highlander.


With all sorts of medical information out there, it’s hard to know who to trust. While I do go to WebMD, the CDC, and MayoClinic sites, I often find that their information is very factual. Which is great- don’t get me wrong.

But the writing on AskDrSears is much more conversational and (I think) easier to understand at times.

When I’m on AskDrSears, I feel like I’m chatting with my favorite pediatrician.

I also really like that the information on AskDrSears is all relevant to and based on the most recent research.

As new research emerges, it’s important to have a resource that’s willing to change best practices in support of the new research.


If you ever have a question about medications when breastfeeding or pregnant, call InfantRisk. They are THE resource for research around medications when lactating or pregnant.

The InfantRisk Center (IRC) is a world-wide call center presently in the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, in Amarillo.

We do our best to help moms, lactation consultants, and doctors evaluate the risk to the infant from exposure to multiple drugs, and keep the mom breastfeeding.

Infant Risk
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Best Parenting Books

best books for new parents

There are very few books I recommend owning in print, because , let’s face it, there is a TON of great information available on the internet.

That said, there are two books that top the charts for some of the best books for new parents (or any parent really).

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding

This book is the Holy Grail of breastfeeding. If you’re planning to breastfeed, you need this book on your bookshelf.

It helps you set realistic expectations around what nursing looks like throughout the various phases of breastfeeding. If you’re breastfeeding (or planning to breastfeed), you need to get a copy of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding.

Unconditional Parenting

This is THE BOOK that’s had the most profound impact on parenting in our family.

After I read it, I forced my husband to listen to the audio version on a long car trip. It’s my MO for getting him to read/listen to (what I consider) are important books.

We want our kids to become their most caring, responsible selves. But none of the parenting literature I read really showed me HOW to do this, until I read Unconditional Parenting.

It flips the switch from doing things to children (like time outs, etc) to working with them in order to understand their needs and how to meet them.

From the book jacket itself…

One basic need all children have, Kohn argues, is to be loved unconditionally, to know that they will be accepted even if they screw up or fall short. Yet conventional approaches to parenting such as punishments (including “time-outs”), rewards (including positive reinforcement), and other forms of control teach children that they are loved only when they please us or impress us. Kohn cites a body of powerful, and largely unknown, research detailing the damage caused by leading children to believe they must earn our approval. That’s precisely the message children derive from common discipline techniques, even though it’s not the message most parents intend to send.

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Best Community Resources for Moms

Sometimes it really helps to find a group of people that can meet you exactly where you are in your parenting adventure, hold your hand, and say ‘I’ve been there too’.

That’s what you get when you find local community resources.

Finding good community resources for new moms can be a challenge at times. I mean, keeping a new human alive and relatively happy is challenging enough, but throw in meeting new adults and it can quickly feel overwhelming.

These are some of the community resources I couldn’t have survived without.

La Leche League

Breastfeeding is natural, but it does not always come naturally.  La Leche League USA offers breastfeeding support to all who want to breastfeed. I’m not sure I would’ve been able to successfully nurse either of my children without the support of LLL.

Their meetings are totally free and led by volunteer Leaders who are experienced with breastfeeding and are accredited by La Leche League International. And they offer support between meetings for breastfeeding challenges like:

  • Positioning and latch
  • Making sure your baby is getting enough milk
  • Soreness
  • Pumping and milk storage
  • And so much more!

Find a group near you!

Babywearing Groups

Learning how to wear my children was a complete game changer. Getting access to an entire library of carriers to test out for a month at a time was even better.

The hands on help offered at a babywearing meeting is unparalleled. Using a baby carrier is not something that comes easily. There is definitely a learning curve and sometimes it takes trying several different carriers until you find one that works best.

Finding a baby wearing group is something I recommend to all of my new mom friends!

Find a babywearing group near you!

I hope this list of (what I consider) the best resources for new moms is helpful!

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