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About Me

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I’m so glad you joined me here today.

I hope you’ll stay a while and enjoy some coffee (or wine).

I’m a recovering perfectionist that loves her family fiercely and is learning how to love herself again. I drive a pretty BA minivan that probably has goldfish crumbs from last year under the seat, and I’m always at least two weeks behind on laundry.

I love peaceful mornings with iced coffee in a mason jar, old quilts, and a good book. Peaceful mornings are hard to come by these days, but I’ll get them back. One day. Maybe.

I’m a career woman turned to stay at home mom, and I survive on coffee and baby smiles. I rarely have the opportunity to shower or go to the bathroom in peace. And eating a meal while it’s still warm is a distant memory.


White woman with curly, brownish-blonde hair smiling at camera

My Background

I have a Master’s degree and am a certified athletic trainer. All that education and training to change poopy diapers everyday. Sigh.

Before transitioning to my current role, I helped develop and run a behavioral based safety program for the nation’s only manufacturer of US Navy aircraft carriers.

You’ll find an article that talks about what I did at the shipyard in this issue of Yardlines magazine. It’s about halfway through the magazine; you’ll see a big picture of me wearing a pink shirt.

Pretty cool, right? It was. I loved my job and I loved the people even more. I spent every day helping the people building our Navy’s ships feel better at work. If you asked me if I missed my old job, I’d be lying if I told you no.

WAY before that, I worked with high school athletes helping them prevent and rehabilitate injuries and also standing guard at their practices and games ready to handle any injury or emergency that happened.

To this day one of my favorite things is standing on the sideline of a high school football game.

Want to learn more about athletic training? 

Here’s an awesome video or this is a great article!

woman providing aid to football player
Me. Many, many years ago. Football is still one of my favorite sports to work!


Another one from a LONG time ago on the football sideline

This is great news for you though! Part of what fuels my passion for Joy Through Chaos is wanting to use my athletic training education and work experience to make health and safety less overwhelming for parents.

Want to learn a little more about Joy Through Chaos?

You can check that out on the start here page!

My Family

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My Children

I have two children, Sparkles and Squishy. Sparkles is a kind, brave, and fiercely independent autistic preschooler. Squishy is a happy, nosy chunk of an infant.

I’m married to my best friend, Kyle, who is a nuclear machinist’s mate in the US Navy and is far more amazing than I will openly admit.

Our family dog is a pitbull named Skittles. She is most definitely as ferocious as her name sounds.

Together we make this mostly happy, always loud, usually messy family that sometimes annoys the everloving crap out of me, but I’ll keep them anyway.

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My Family