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Things I won't miss when my kids get older. Love this! SO TRUE!

Child Health and Safety made simple. Because parenting is hard enough already.

No bullshit. No fear mongering. Just realistic, actionable truth bombs to help keep your kids healthy and safe.

How can I help?

Concise, practical resources for busy moms.

Do you ever find yourself going: ‘HOLY SH*T. WHAT THE FORK DO I DO NOW?!’ when your kids get sick or hurt?

Quit Googling or posting in a Facebook group.

Stop second guessing yourself.

Get the Kids Health Handbook and go from from zero to do I need to go to the ER right now with confidence.

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    I’m Chrissie

    And I want to help.

    You can confidently take care of your kids when they’re sick or hurt even if you’re not a doctor.

    You’re tired of getting information slapped by resources that don’t actually tell you what to DO to help your kids.

    All of that ends here.